Prepositions With,Over, and By

A preposition is :a function word that typically combines with a noun phrase to form a phrase which usually expresses a modification or predication

Used to indicate being together or being involved:
  • I ordered a sandwich with a drink.
  • He was with his friend when he saw me.
  • She has been working with her sister at the nail shop.
  • The manager will be with you shortly.
Used to indicate "having":
  • I met a guy with green eyes.
  • Were you the one talking with an accent?
  • People with a lot of money are not always happy.
Used to indicate "using":
  • I wrote a letter with the pen you gave me.
  • This is the soup that I made with rice and barley.
  • He cut my hair with his gold scissors.
Used to indicate feeling:
  • I am emailing you with my sincere apology.
  • He came to the front stage with confidence.
Used to indicate agreement or understanding:
  • Are you with me?
  • Yes, I am completely with you.
  • She agrees with me.


Used to indicate movement from one place to another:
  • Come over to my house for dinner sometime.
  • Could you roll over?
  • They sent over a gift for his promotion.
Used to indicate movement downward:
  • The big tree fell over on the road.
  • Can you bend over and get the dish for me?
  • He pushed it over the edge.
Used to indicate more than an expected number or amount:
  • This amount is over our prediction.
  • Kids twelve and over can watch this movie.
  • The phone rang for over a minute.
Used to indicate a period of time:
  • I worked there over a year.
  • She did not sleep there over this past month.


Used to indicate proximity:
  • Can I sit by you?
  • He was standing by me.
  • The post office is by the bank.
Used to indicate the person that does something in a passive voice sentence:
  • The microwave was fixed by the mechanic.
  • The flowers were delivered by a postman.
  • The branch office was closed by the head office.
Used to indicate an action with a particular purpose:
  • You can pass the exam by preparing for it.
  • I expressed my feeling toward her by writing a letter.
  • She finally broke the record by pure effort.
Used to indicate a mean or method:
  • Please send this package to Russia by airmail.
  • I came here by subway.

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